Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic medical procedure conducted on the nose with the use of HA dermal fillers to lift, sculpt and straighten the nose to create an overall smaller appearance. This treatment can correct bumps on the bridge by filling depressed areas without invasive surgery. If you are unhappy with your nose shape and are unwilling to undergo invasive surgery then this treatment is for you! We achieve delicate, very specific improvements, creating a natural-looking nose. Results can be seen straight after your non-surgical Rhinoplasty with Biba.

Our Senior Cosmetic Nurse Biba is highly trained and educated in this treatment. The nose area is a high-risk area and should only be performed by extremely trained and knowledgeable Cosmetic Doctors and Nurses. Biba has travelled to meet and be taught by world-renowned Doctors and Professors to learn how to perfect Injectable treatments to achieve phenomenal results safely!

The non-surgical rhinoplasty should only be performed by a highly experienced injector who has had extensive training and knowledge in the procedure of a Non-surgical Rhinoplasty due to the high risks it poses.


Does the non-surgical rhinoplasty hurt?

This will depend on you and your ability to tolerate pain! We try to make the treatment as pain-free as possible by offering a range of medical devices to distract you from the pain and also offer a numbing cream which is pharmaceutically compounded to ensure it is most effective! The majority of clients state it is a 6/10!


What is the downtime like?

After the treatment there will be slight redness, swelling and even bruising may occur, however, it will resolve within 2 weeks post-treatment as the body goes under a wound-healing phase.

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